Ways to Slim Down your Routine for Summer

In summer we want glowing skin with the least amount pf products. 

Glowing and not oily. In summer oily skin can be oilier. There are three things that we would recommend to focus on for your skincare routine; cleanse with a wash, hydrate and protect with SPF.

Cleansing with a wash that is hydrating or exfoliating. There are some amazing facial cleansers that are power punching and do more than one thing

ELEMIS Superfoods Cica cleansing mouse

Hydrating and cleansing, great for removing makeup and leaves the skin so clean. It is hydrating which feels great after a day in the sun. It’s packed with Superfood ingredients to help soothe the skin and are great for any sensitivities.

Skinceuticals Simply Clean Wash

This wash is packed full of result driven ingredients. It has a gentle exfoliating effect which helps remove all the suncream and grime that can build up on skin that is oily after a day in the sun. It  leaves the skin feeling silky soft. 

Decleor cleansing mousse

This Decleor bestseller is a must on holidays. It’s natural ingredients smell amazing, it feels like you are taking a spa on holidays. It’s so foaming and great for removing makeup and hydrates to leave skin fresh and glowing. 

Hydration is the second key during the holiday season and having a great hydrating routine will guarantee you that glowing look. We love the Decleor Vitiman Glow range and the amazing moisturiser. This will have your skin drenched in Hydration and can work day and night.

Green Mandarin Vitamin Glow Cream

ELEMIS superfood hydration juice is a gel that is super lightweight but leaves the skin so hydrated, it soaks in straight away. 

Protecting the face everyday in summer is the number one priority and you can’t beat the Skinceuticals SPFs that have something for every skin type, from the best selling mineral tint to the matifying and brightening options.

Mineral Matte UV Defense SPF30

This needs to be your last step in your skincare each morning to protect your skin from sun damage

In summer we want things to be quick and easy so we can make the best of the holidays. Three steps with the right products that are right for your skin is all you need. Every skin is different and getting the right products for your skin is the key to results all year round no matter how many products we are using.

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