Online Consultation

Online Consultation

ELM’s Skin Therapists are here to put a plan in place that is customised to your specific Skin Goals and to your Lifestyle. Whether you are a ‘splash your face with water’ person or a ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask, serum, SPF..’ kind of person we have a plan for you.

Through your Online Consultation, we analyse your Skin and go through some questions about your Skin and your lifestyle and we then put a customised plan in place for you.
Each Skin Plan is tailored to your Skin Goals and to your Personal Skin regime. We gather information on your product usage, your main skin concerns, and your day-to-day lifestyle. With this information, our Skin therapists compile a
plan for you to get you on your way to your dream skin.

Fill out this questionnaire and one our skin therapists will be in touch. Feel free to send us a picture of your skin or call us on 059 9152195 or email us on

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Personal Details

Skin Questionnaire

Which of these best describes your Skin Goal?*
How does your skin feel after you wash your face?*
Do you have sensitive skin?*
Do you apply spf daily?*
Do you have skin sensitivities?*

Do you suffer from breakouts?

Pustules/White Heads
Cystic Acne
Occasional Spots
Hormonal Breakouts
Never Breakout
Do you wear make-up daily?*
Rate your level of stress 1-5, 5 being the highest*
Tick your current skincare routine?
Where do you spend most of your time?
Our Skin Plans are tailored to you. What would best describe your Skincare Routine
Skincare Plans are all about finding the balance for your daily life and your Skin. What's your preference?

Medical Consent

Are you currently taking any medication prescribed by a GP or any other practitioner?*
Are you currently taking any medication containing vitamin A?*
Are you currently pregnant, planning pregnancy or breastfeeding?*
Do you have any allergies? E.g. Aspirin, allergies to ingredients in products?*
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