What is ELM Brow Club?

We are offering a subscription Club to cater to all your brow needs. As part of this club you receive treatments for the year worth €600 for a fraction of the price, saving you €200. If you love your Brows and always want them in perfectly groomed order this is the offer for you. If you are looking to get your dream brows, we can work with your brows to get them in perfect groomed order!

What's Included?

Who doesn’t love amazing brows? When you sign up to ELM Beauty Brow Club you will get a brow consultation with one of our expert therapists. We will go through how you like your brows and what your brow goals are. We will recommend a course of treatments throughout the year tailored to what is suited to you. By carefully shaping and strategically growing your brows the results can be amazing. You will also have a choice of two facials throughout the year which includes 10% off. There are huge benefits and savings as part of this club. 

This package also includes free product samples which you will receive after you have had both skin scans. Bookings can be made throughout the year on off peak times only and can be changed any time you like.

You can cancel your subscription by giving 1 months’ notice. We will review how many treatments have been used as there may be a balance due. A full list of terms and conditions for this package can be found here. 

Simply sign up below and one our skin therapists will be in touch. Feel free to send us a picture of your brows or call us on 059 9152195 or email us on info@elmbeauty.ie

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