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 ELM Skincare

At Elm we want you to love the skin you are in. Your skin is unique to you so we believe your treatments and skincare routine should be too.

To help you get the best out of your skin our therapists will work with your skin type and lifestyle to treat your skin. They will recommend homecare advice and products to continue treating your skin from home resulting in long lasting results.

Our consultation led facials are tailored to each individual clients needs, suitable for both male and female. Get the best out of your skin with result driven facials delivered in a luxurious environment.

ELM is proud to have created a space for all our clients to come and prioritise self care and feel beautiful. We have hand picked world class brands like  SkinCeuticals, ELEMIS and Decleor. 

Decleor Skincare


ELEMIS was founded in London in 1990 and for 30 years they have been committed to pro-skincare powered by active naturals in sublime textures with proven results. ELEMIS hands on facial treatments use touch as a powerful diagnostic tool, softening and prepping the skin to receive actives. All the treatments are designed to support great skin health, to respect that skin is alive, no two skins are the same and no two bodies are the same. Every skincare therapy is shaped and moulded around you. Personalised for a results-driven, couture experience.

Decleor Skincare


Decleor’s holistic facials are famous worldwide for their heavenly feel and simply stunning results. The use of expert massage techniques and 100% pure, preservative-free essential oils address the demands of every single skin type to leave all complexions balanced, comforted and glowing with health.

Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow

ELM First Step Facial

If you are new to ELM this is the facial for you. This is the first step to your skin transformation journey. This is the perfect facial treatment when you are unsure where to start your skincare journey. Consultation is a very important step here at ELM. Your skin therapist will discuss your skin goals and your current skincare routine as well as some lifestyle factors that may be affecting you skin. Your skin will also be analysed by our in house skin scan machine. This machine will show up skin concerns such as pigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, oil, dehydration and fine lines. This will then help your therapist to tailor your very own personalised perscriptive facial that will leave your skin deeply cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality. You will receive free homecare samples as well as a full recommendation list of treatments and products to start your skin journey. You will leave ELM more educated about you skin and your skin needs.


DURATION: ____ 80 mins
PRICE: _______ €109
Decleor Facial Skincare

ELM Express Facial

When you’re short on time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy facial. The ELM Express Facial will give your skin an instant pick me up. This facial treatment and homecare perscription is personalised to suit you and your busy lifestyle. Your skin will be left hydrated and rejeuvenated leaving you with the most radiant glow.


DURATION: ____40 mins
PRICE: _______ €69
Aromatherapy Facial

ELM Go to Glow Facial

You will feel like you are floating and your skin will be rejeuvenated after this facial. We believe that no one facial fits all. This facial is a customised unique experience every single time. On the day you and your therapist will discuss your skin needs and goals. The treatment products and methods will then be adapted to give your skin a huge boost of hydration. Combined with massage and beautiful aromas you will leave relaxed and rejuvenated. If you have a special occasion this is the ideal skin preparation as it will leave the skin feeling purified, nourished and radiant. Your skin reclaims its natural fresh faced finish, perfection for the day before a special occasion.

DURATION: ____70 mins
PRICE: _______ €99

Hydra floral Facial

ELM Results Radiance Facial

This advanced facial is the perfect way to step up your skincare to advanced skincare. This facial contains a high level of powerful active ingredients formulated to provide effective products in treating major skin concerns. This facial has been developed to ensure optimal skin results for all our clients. It’s specifically designed for even the most sensitive of skin types. This facial can be personalised to help fight the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by lifting and firming the skin. It can be tailored to purify a problem skin with breakouts and congestion. It can also help to restore radiance and brightness to a dull, lackluster skin experiencing dryness, dehydration and rough texture. You are going to love the skin you are in!

DURATION: ____70 mins
PRICE: _______ €99
SkinCeuticals skincare



Advanced Professional Skincare

SkinCeuticals – Skin + Pharmaceuticals, At the Forefront of Cosmeceuticals.

It’s mission is to improve your skin’s health. Dedicated to this purpose, it make one simple promise – provide advanced skincare backed by science. SkinCeuticals provides complete skincare solutions to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors and other skincare professionals worldwide.

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products with Biologically Active Ingredients claiming to have medical or drug like benefits. SkinCeuticals philosophy is 3 simple pillars Prevent, Correct & Protect.

SkinCeuticals product range was first created in 1997 by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, a renowned American dermatologist. He discovered the first topical Vitamin C serum paving the way for Antioxidant Technology. Through these crucial anti-ageing breakthroughs, SkinCeuticals has changed the way the skincare industry thinks about skin protection and rejuvenation. SkinCeuticals antioxidants strengthen skin’s internal defense against environmental aggressors, allowing skin to self repair for visible anti-ageing.

Radiance Peel

SkinCeuticals City Radiance Facial

This is a medical grade peel that is an advanced Skincare treatment. The SkinCeuticals City Radiance Facial is maximised with pure, potent, actives to revitalise and repair dull, tired skin, while restoring luminosity and preventing future damage. Featuring C E Ferulic, SkinCeutical’s star antioxidant celebrating more than 10 years of superiority also an application of a superficial GEL Peel or more Superficial 20% – 30% micropeel is brushed onto the skin with no down time after, application suitable for clients with Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Fine lines and Wrinkles, Rough Texture & Ageing, skin will be left vibrant and healthy – looking.

Plus your Hands will love you to, while your costume mask is on you you will receive a hand treatment with SkinCeuticals to restore and correct any pigmentation problems leaving your hands looking younger.

DURATION: ____ 1hr 30 mins
PRICE: _______ €129
Radiance Peel

Hydra Diamond Facial

This facial combines a number of technologies in one machine to give the skin a complete facial. The technologies used give your skin a deep cleanse, next level exfoliation, lifts and sculpts, plumps and hydrates. There is also an extraction option for skin that is congested. The technologies used are Hydra dermabrasion, the latest in skin technology, microdermabrasion. RF frequency, microcurrent and light theraphy. It can be tailored to your skin concerns and goals.

Level 1 uses 2 technologies

Level 2 uses 4 technologies. 

DURATION: ____ 30 mins
PRICE: _______ €69
DURATION: ____ 60 mins
PRICE: _______ €129
Radiance Peel

SkinCeuticals Expert Gel Peel Facial

This is a great introductory peel and is a perfect start to advanced skincare and active ingredients. It contains powerful ingredients such as Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. It’s scientifically designed even for the most sensitive of skin types. It helps to restore radiance and brightness to dull, lacluster skin or skin experiencing dryness, mild discolouration and rought texture. Your skin is going to feel refreshed, brighter and radiant.

DURATION: ____ 50 mins
PRICE: _______ €89
Radiance Peel

Extraction Steam Facial

Extraction facials are quite simply the most effective way to clear imperfections and lead to healthier, glowing skin. If you suffer from congestion and breakouts or just want a really deep cleanse, this is the facial for you. The focus of this facial is on the triple cleanse and gentle exfoliation. We steam the skin to open the pore before we use a manual extraction technique to clean out your clogged pores and reduce the level of skin congestion (comedones, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads). The products used are specifically formulated for oily skin and the masks are tailored to your skin needs. Your pore size will be reduced immediately and your skin will be clearer and more radiant. 

DURATION: ____ 60 mins
PRICE: _______ €99
Micro needling

Rejuvapen Micro Needling Treatment

The Rejuvapen treatment is a micro-needling treatment that stimulates the production of collagen in the skin. This medical grade treatment not only will improve the skins appearance, but also can be used to treat hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a pen that utilizes 9 precisely spaced micro needles in a small cartridge to create invisible, vertical micro perferations into your epidermis and top layer of dermis. As a result your skin will shift to its Natural Repair Mechanism into high gear and starts to producing collagen and elastin to repair the micro perferations. Your skins self repairing properties are 100% natural form of skin renewal from the inside out. Rejuvapen not only will activate regeneration it will also enhance the absorption of active ingredients on the skin.

DURATION: ____ 30 mins
PRICE: _______ FREE
DURATION: ____ 2hrs
PRICE: _______ €259
DURATION: ____ 1hr 15mins
PRICE: _______ €169
DURATION: ____ 1hr 30mins
PRICE: _______ €199
DURATION: ____ 1hr
PRICE: _______ €129
DURATION: ____ 1hr 30mins
PRICE: _______ €199
LED Skincare

LED Light Fusion Facial

Quite simply phototherapy is “the use of light to alter biological activity”. Phototherapy involves exposing cells or tissue to low levels of light in the visible or near infrared part of the spectrum. When light of these wavelengths penetrate the skin they are absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell which starts a cascade of inter and extracellular reactions that promotes healthier skin. These reactions first begin when the light is absorbed by the cells mitochondria and continue to work even after the light has been switched off. Phototherapy is not a new science and today over 1000 clinical studies have studied the effects of light on our bodies and on many cellular processes demonstrating that light:

  • Enhanced Elasticity
  • Improved Hydration
  • Fine line reduction
  • Improves uneven skin-tone and high colour
  • Helps promote collagen activity

The patented Lightfusion photofacial system take non-ablative facial rejuvenation to the next level. We are currently the only salon in Ireland with this amazing technology.

DURATION: ____ 30mins
PRICE: _______ €69
DURATION: ____ 10mins
PRICE: _______ €29

Advanced Skincare Consultation

If you are thinkning of stepping up your skincare routine and treatments to include more active ingredients and techniques we recommend a consultation and skin analysis for your skin. This is a necessary step in advanced skincare duw to the nature of the ingredients and treatments. We analyse your skin using our skin analysis scan. We go through all the results of this with you in a thorough consultation before we recommend treatments that are going to give you the best results. There is no doubt that advanced skincare is going to give you the results you are looking for but the consultation is the most important step of this process. 


DURATION: ____ 30mins
PRICE: _______ €29
Lip Treatment

Opatra Dermi Lip Treatment

In Day to Day life, our lips suffer from the sun, dust and air pollution. Taking care of them is a must, otherwise our lips become dehydrated, skin peels and the skin ages our color of lips darken. Opatra’s DermiLip treatment infuses creams and lip balms into the lips, therefore ensuring a deep condition into the skin cells. The UV LED function helps to sterilize the head of the device. The Ion viberation function stimulates the collagen within our skin, helping the lips to plump in a natural way. This treatment can be added to any of the SkinCeuticals Advanced Professional Facials. Your lips will be exfoliated with a specialized Micro polish to prep the lips for a restorative AOX lip complex which will be applied along with a Hydrating B5 mask which will replenish your lips with moisture to improve volume and refine the appearance of the lip surface. It would also be a perfect treatment on its own to help with chapped, dry lips and help restore your lips to full hydration.

DURATION: ____ 20mins
PRICE: _______ €29
ELEMIS Skincare

ELM Results

At ELM we are dedicated to getting you results for your skin. Whether you are just looking for a clear complexion or younger looking skin or wanting to tackle fine links or pigmentation we are looking to put you on a skincare plan with treatments and homecare products that are tailored for your skin. The importance of homecare cannot be stressed enough. If you are using quality products that are suited to your skin and to your lifestyle you will see results and you will keep seeing the results as your skin reaps the benefits of a quality skincare routine.