SPF 5 Ways

SPF 5 Ways – There’s no excuse

There are so many ways to get SPF into your facial daily routine there is just no excuse not to wear at least factor 30. Our mantra would be no less than SPF30 no more than SPF50

Benefits of daily SPF

Using SPF on your face helps to keep your complexion even. Sun damage is one of the many causes of uneven skin tones and daily sun cream helps to prevent those effects.

1. Sun Damage One of the most obvious and notable benefits of SPF is that it protects your skin against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. UVA Ageing and UVB Burning,  SPF actually minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin and the triggering of a variety of skin disorders. Even the mildest of sunburns  can have damaging effects so it is important to protect your skin.

2. Helps Protect Against The Visible Signs of Premature AgingWe all want youthful, radiant, and healthy looking skin. But overexposure to sunlight can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Up to 80% of our ageing is caused by environmental and sun exposure.

3. Reduces Risk of Cancer SPF is very effective in reducing the risk of developing a variety of skin cancers, especially melanoma. This type of skin cancer is known to be extremely aggressive and can be life-threatening for many women, particularly those in their 20’s. However, you must apply sunscreen daily and all year round despite the weather.

4. Wind Burn and Pollution Damage Wind Damage causes broken capillaries, wind burn, Pigmentation, redness. SPF also protects us from Wind Damage and Pollution Damage. This is another reason for all year round application.

5. Healthy Skin Overall here at Elm Beauty we cant stress enough to our clients that “skin is healthier overall when you use sunscreen.” Sunscreen should be applied daily weather you work indoors or outdoors. Essential proteins in the skin like keratin are protected when sunscreen is applied. These proteins are primarily responsible for keeping the skin smooth and healthy both in appearance and function.

SPF 5 ways – ELM’s Favourites

Moisturiser with SPF

There are so many moisturisers that contain SPF, make sure you are getting at least factor 30.  Your face is protected before you even apply your makeup. Decleor Hydra Floral anti pollution Fluid SPF 30. This light weight moisturiser has a smooth texture and absorbs effortlessly to create a protective veil on the skins surface. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid for optimum Hydration, Luxurious formula smooths appearance of fine lines for a more plumped complexion, skin feels soft and protected.

Foundation with SPF

If you don’t like the idea of getting your SPF in you moisturiser, if you are in love with your moisturiser and don’t want to change there are so many other ways of getting your SPF daily fix. SPF is getting more and more popular in foundation. Maybelline Dream Urban Cover SPF50. Maybelline have just launched a full coverage foundation that has an SPF50. This is a first to the market and comes in every match up colour. It is also enriched with antioxidants to even out skin tone.

Tinted Moisturiser or CC Creams

If you don’t like a full coverage the option for you could be a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC Cream. There are so many on the market and loads of options with SPF30+. SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defence SPF 30A skincare brand which includes natural minerals, combating dark spots and hyper pigmentation, its a broad spectrum SPF Contains Meroxgl XY and Coconut oil two organic ingredient’s added to filter out bout UVA/UVB Rays.  It reduces blemishes and dark areas of the skin which are the most vulnerable to sunlight, and feels super lightweight on my skin.


Some of us like our daily face care routine and don’t want to change our favourites. The option for you would be to add a primer to your morning routine. This will help your makeup sit right and give a flawless finish as well as getting your SPF, what’s not to love. Sculpted by Aimee Connolly This product is a moisturising primer which boasts an SPF of 30. It is formulated by Aimee Connolly, a top makeup artist, so you can be assured that it will have your skin primed for a flawless makeup finish. It can be worn on it’s own too as it is packed with hyaluronic acid to give a stunning summer glow.

Facial Mist

Whether you wear full makeup daily or none at all this product is perfect for convenience. Facial mists can be sprayed over makeup and on natural skin. They give a beautiful glow and hydrate too. Mists also feel cooling on the hot summer days, if we are lucky enough to get them! Garnier Moisture Bomb Protect  This is one of my favourite products. It can be applied on the go and over and under makeup. It is compact so you can keep it in your handbag and it’s perfect for holidays as it’s so easy to top up all day long. It moisturises and protects the skin, leaving a beautiful glowing complexion.

ELM’s Top Tips

There are places we can easily forget to apply SPF. If you are going to the effort we should cover all areas. It’s all about good habits!

Scalp or Hair Parting For some reason, I almost always forget to apply sunscreen to my hair parting. It’s particularly annoying when my scalp peels after a burn and looks like the worst case of dandruff ever. It’s so easy to dab a little sunscreen to exposed scalp skin. To protect yourself, always wear caps, scarves and wide-brimmed hats during prolonged sun exposure.

Palms and Nail Bed After washing your hands, reach for a hand lotion with SPF.

Lips To protect your kissers, reach for a gloss or balm with SPF

Eyelids To protect your eye area, reach for  SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defence SPF 50 a dermatologist approved under-eye cream that prevents the signs of aging, promotes skin elasticity and reduces hyperpigmentation while delivering broad-spectrum UV protection. Its special formula makes it safe to apply on the sensitive area around the eyes.

Tops of Feet Perhaps, its because we often apply sunscreen with shoes on and then proceed to take them off. Or, we skip or hastily rub on a second coat to sandy feet. Or, we’re wearing flip flops to the mall and it doesn’t occur to us to put sunscreen on them. For whatever reason, we are sun burning the tops our feet.

All over and behind Ears It is incredibly important to rub sunscreen on the top of our ears, ear lobes and behind our ears. Skin cancer often occurs on the ears and even inside the somewhat protected bowl area. Be thorough.

Behind the Neck, This easy-to-miss spot is common with women who have hair normally covering the area. Remember, hair moves around especially when swimming in the pool.

Just No Excuse! You can spend as little or as much money as you like to get you SPF into your daily routine. You can spend as little or as much time as you like to get your SPF into your daily routine. The main thing is to get it into your routine every day and all year round.