Mattifying Skin

Mattifying Skin

Mattifying Skin doesn’t have to mean flat!

Many people with an oilier skin type are always looking for a Mattifying Skin finish on their skin. Wanting to reduce that “shiny” appearance that typically is associated with oily skin. Mattifying treatments can reduce the appearance of pores to leave your skin looking flawless. Mattifiers provide your skin with an oil-absorbing treatment. Minimising the appearance of pores, while at the same time giving skin a smooth and matted finish that will last throughout the day.

Many people think that if their skin is oily, that they shouldn’t wear moisturiser. But unlike heavy creams, mattifying moisturizers are lightweight. They don’t cause breakouts, and won’t make the skin have that shiny, greasy appearance.

They also control the excess oil production that shows up on the skin and simultaneously hydrate as they cut down on shine. Rosemary White Clay Daily Care from Decleor is a 96% natural-origin moisturiser. Enriched with Rosemary Essential Oil, Salicylic Acid & White Clay. Helps to reduce excess sebum, blackheads and breakouts whilst keeping the skin mattified. This is the perfect daily moisturiser for anyone with oily skin. Or if you want to reduce the shiny appearance on your skin, but still wants to keep your skin hydrated. It can be used daily after cleansing and toning and under your makeup products to give a flawless appearance to the skin.

SPF is another important step (probably the most important!) in your skincare routine. Just because you have an oily skin type doesn’t mean you should skip out on applying your SPF. A lot of sun protectants can leave the skin feeling heavy and give off a white cast or greasy appearance even on the driest of skins. SPF products specifically formulated for oily skins will help to mattify the skin while also protecting from sun damage. Skinceuticals Mineral Matte SPF 30 is an SPF that we would recommend to almost anyone with an oilier skin type. It is proven to maintain a matte finish even in hot, humid conditions. It’s lightweight mousse texture dries to a powder finish, optimizing makeup application. It also offers a broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays.