Hydrating Masks

Hydrating Masks

What Is A Hydrating Face Mask?

Hydrating face masks are formulated with ingredients that contain active compounds that function in a number of ways. Some compounds actively draw moisture into skin tissues. Others lock in moisture and prevent water loss by enhancing the skin’s barrier and reinforcing cellular structures.

Hydrating Mask Benefits

● Hydrates Skin. Face masks add moisture to dry or dehydrated skin making it easy to apply makeup. Water from the face mask goes down deep into the skin and softens it to become more elastic. The outcome is a younger looking appearance.

● Reduces Fine Lines. Periodic application of face masks can diminish fine lines, brown spots, and wrinkles associated with ageing resulting in smooth and soft skin.

● Evens Out Skin Tone. Face masks are the perfect antidote to hyper-pigmentation. Applying them creates a smooth and even skin. Additionally, face masks enhance the oxygen level in the skin.

● Tightens Skin. If you are struggling with loose skin, you can solve this problem by applying a face mask regularly. This will promote the production of collagen which creates a tighter and firmer skin.

Types Of Hydrating Masks and How To Use Them

Several types of hydrating face masks are available and vary according to form, application method and treatment time. Most masks are best used once or twice weekly depending on your skin’s needs. If your product has accompanying instructions, be sure to follow them closely for the best possible results.

Cream Masks – Cream masks are dense formulas designed for direct application to the skin with a brush or fingers. While moisturizing gels, lotions and serums tend to be water-based, cream mask products are usually oil-based. For this reason, they tend to have a more powerful occlusive effect, and are therefore better suited for sealing in moisture.

Decleor’s Neroli Hydra Floral Mask is the perfect cream mask for anyone looking to really boost the hydration in their skin. It is enriched with Neroli essential oil to help soften, replenish and lock in moisture. This mask applies as a cream and then transforms to an oil as you massage it in. It can be left on for 10-15 minutes and used once or twice a week.

Overnight Masks– Overnight or sleeping masks are rich cream or serum formulations. Designed to be applied before bed and washed off in the morning. Overnight wear allows the ingredients in these masks more time to soak into the skin and replenish moisture. The skin’s circadian rhythm is known to fluctuate from day to night. During the day, sebum production is at its highest. During the night, the protective barrier function weakens and the skin loses moisture. Overnight masks can help prevent any skin dryness, that may develop and ensure skin is hydrated by morning.

Peptide Pillow Plumping Facial from Elemis is a great alternative for anyone who prefers a sleep mask but still wants to replenish the hydration in their skin. It is enriched with Star Arvensis and Jasmine which helps to fight dull, tired skin overnight while also locking in moisture. This mask can also be used once or twice a week. Applying just with your fingers before bed and you will wake up with a fresh, hydrated appearance.

Hydrating face masks are formulated with ingredients that encourage moisture retention in the skin. Hydrating masks are highly unlikely to cause irritation. However ingredients such as fragrances, preservatives and alcohol may trigger negative reactions for some. Avoid products containing these ingredients. Especially if you have sensitive skin. Professional hydrating mask products are easy to use and tend to provide more powerful results. Hydrating masks can also be made at home with natural ingredients, and carefully formulated to address your skin’s needs.