Facials Tailored to Your Skin Needs

Everyone’s skin is different, that’s why our facials are designed around you to get the best results.


 ELM BEAUTY is the place to get your skin in great shape with our skincare experts who will create you the right facial plan and routine tailored to your skincare goals.

Our range of facials are tailored to different skin needs and types, from tackling the signs of ageing, to reducing breakouts to help gain confidence in your skin, that’s why we suggest your journey starts with a free consultation to analyse and understand your skin so that our Skin experts can  prepare a tailored plan to suit your skin needs.


We believe that an in-depth analysis of your skin is the cornerstone of a successful skincare programme as we not only look at the condition of your skin but also discuss your daily routines that have an impact on your skin’s health.

At ELM Beauty, we create facials that are uniquely tailored to your skin. We take a 360 approach, combining bespoke treatments, home skincare, nutrition and wellbeing. We don’t take the ‘one facial fits all’ approach and we certainly won’t sell you product that isn’t suitable for your skin, or that isn’t going to give you your desired results.

Our ethos is ‘Skin In Bloom’. How does skin bloom? When its specific needs are met from the inside out. We use our extensive knowledge and experience, and our genuine passion to help you achieve your best skin.

Your skin is unique. Our aim is to make it bloom.

Our Range Of Facial Treatments

Skin Analysis / ConsultationAvailable in Salon or Online.

SkinCeuticals Tailored FacialThe Ultimate Facial, choose between 60 , 75 or 90 mins treatments

SkinCeuticals City Radiance Peel 

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Peel Our Peels are customised to your skin needs and desired outcomes.

Elemis Collagen Boost Facialfeeling a little dry / dehydrated

LED Light TherapyLook Light years younger with LED

Rejuvapen MicroNeedlingLong Lasting Rejuvenation