Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream 15ml


Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream by ELEMIS is a hydrating eye cream that targets tired and overworked eyes to improve the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Lack of sleep disrupts skin’s natural recovery processes, leading to tired, puffy eyes with wrinkles and dark circles. Formulated with Peptide4, this skin-synchronising eye treatment combines the hydration of a moisturiser with the protection of an oil to reveal brighter, firmer eyes that look well-rested.


Nature powers our products: by sourcing natural extracts that catalyse each other and harnessing the power of nature’s finest active ingredients, we can deliver results that you can see and feel, both inside and out. Elemis actively seek out sustainable ingredients and endeavour to support local growers and their communities. All natural ingredients are responsibly sourced utilising biotechnology to protect the Earth’s precious resources. Elemis are constantly looking for new ways to reduce waste and excess packaging.

How To Use Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream

Use every morning and evening.

Apply a rice grain-sized amount to each ring finger and pat around the delicate eye area until absorbed.


91% agreed this product instantly improved the appearance of undereye dark circles*

96% agreed this product brightening the skin around their eyes*

96% agreed this product improved the appearance of lines and wrinkles around their eyes*

*Independent User Trials 2018. Results based on 120 people over 4 weeks

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