White Magnolia Intensive Cure by Decleor – 60 Nights is Decléor’s revitalizing night treatment enriched in Ferulic acid & Vitamin C to unify skin tone and help reduce the size and color of dark spots.

How To Use White Magnolia
Apply one capsule every evening for 60 nights. Take off the tip of the capsule and squeeze it into the palm of your hand to release the product. Massage onto face, neck and decolletage, and use remaining product on hands.

Selected for the power of their properties and classified in families of activities, our essential oil are combined in professional blends by our team of experts.

Since 1974 we have listened to our experts when designing and creating our skincare. Decléor sits on a rich professional heritage focused on the power of using facial and body treatments to maximise your skincare.

This has influenced and shaped our ethos and products up until today and will continue to be an irreplaceable and unique piece of Decléor.

Our therapists and education team are at the heart of our mission to provide you with natural but powerful skincare along with our professional expertise to ensure you can truly achieve your ideal skin goals.

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